Six month update on one year goals

October 8th 2015, The George Institute, Sydney, NSW


Meeting attendees: Robyn Speerin, Deborah Turner, Chris Maher, Christopher Williams, Rebecca Ivers, Ric Day, Rachelle Buchbinder, Ian Harris, Jane Latimer, Bethan Richards, Sam Whittle, Allison Macpherson, Geraldine Hassett, Joshua Burns, Ana Guinea, Janine Jackson, Roger Engel, Steven Kamper, Diana Perriman (blue jeans), Will Taylor (blue jeans)


Meeting apologies: Bruce Walker, John Wark, Lyn March, Ainslee Cahill, Claire Hiller, Jacquie Slyp, Paul Marshall, Matthew Jennings


Meeting Goals: Update on one year goals and seek input on areas still in progress

1) Structure and Governance

2) Define Key Functions of ANZMUSC

3) Funding

4) Establishing and Expanding Membership

5) Plan future meeting and Communication Strategy


Meeting Summary:

An update of one year goal progress was presented by the working group. This included an update on funding applications, proposed membership categories and criteria, communications strategies, plans for the 2016 scientific meeting, potential endorsement processes and potential structure.

Overall, attendees supported the proposed 2-day 2016 scientific meeting (potentially in late April) with additional training sessions prior to the summit for consumers wanting to engage in research, and for researchers on how to engage with consumers. There was also support for a funders meeting with consumer groups and professional associations to discuss seed funding and the role of a funders group within ANZMUSC’s structure. Meeting planning is underway by the working group and save the date flyers will be sent by the end of the year.

Support was also obtained for an open forum as part of the scientific meeting, where members could discuss ways to strengthen both new project ideas and projects that were unsuccessful in obtaining funding in 2016 for ANZMUSC endorsement. Grandfathering of projects (not yet commenced) was also supported. Criteria and processes for grandfathering and forum discussion are being created by the working group and a call for projects will be sent prior to the 2016 meeting.

Attendees supported a two-tier membership structure consisting of full members (individual trialists) and associate/affiliate members (consumer groups, professional associations and other stakeholders). Free membership for the first 6 months was endorsed with a transition to fee payment following the 2016 meeting (with discounts to future meetings offered as an incentive to join). Membership criteria and application process will be finalised by the working group and a call for membership to be sent before the 2016 meeting.

Attendees indicated a preference for a skills-based executive committee (rather than a state/region-based committee) in future.  There was also support for a multi-disciplinary, skills-based scientific committee to mentor less experienced members as part of the endorsement process. The presence of a dedicated consumer group was also supported. The working group is considering other models and will present these to ANZMUSC members in the future along with role summaries and election processes.


Meeting Minutes:

Full minutes of the meeting are available here.


ANZMUSC Caretaker Working Group

Rachelle Buchbinder (VIC) (Chair)

Ian Harris AM (NSW)

Jane Latimer (NSW)

Christopher Maher (NSW)

Bethan Richards (NSW)

Will Taylor (NZ)

Sam Whittle (SA)