One Year Goals

During the Summit, the following one year goals were set for the group:


  1. Structure and Governance

Clear and transparent structure and governance in place in 12 months

  • Caretaker working group in short term
  • Expand working group size and membership to include representative from New Zealand and consumer representative (skills based))
  • Appoint Executive Officer
  • Undertake stakeholder mapping


  1. Define Key Functions of ANZMUSC

Develop policy and processes regarding how ANZMUSC will function

  • Facilitate high quality research
  • Link researchers answering same questions
  • Multi-site recruitment, contribution, national, international collaboration
  • Methodology input, mentorship, peer review
  • Define priorities
  • Endorse any high quality trial (not just priority area trial). No limitation on this.
  • Funding longer term


  1. Funding

Seed funding options depend upon available funding

  • Executive officer (FT/PT) appointed early to enable us to move forward
  • Consultancy firm?
  • Prioritise how this money will be spent
  • Implement structure and governance
  • Goal amount $200,000 – $250,000??


  1. Establishing and Expanding Membership
  • Who can be a member – process for membership (individual); separate category for consumer membership?; and company membership?
  • Nomination and seconder, board has final approval
  • Know who our members are
  • Relevant registration information to be recorded, easy website process


  1. Plan future meeting and communication strategy
  • Next meeting during ACTA Sydney, Oct 7-10, 2015
  • Plan full meeting for April 2016
  • Communication via website
  • Summary of meeting for those who could not attend including agreed vision, mission and values to be placed on the website
  • Funders stakeholder meeting (consumer and professional organisation etc.) to discuss ways of establishing 5 year infrastructure support
  • Apply for ANZMUSC CRE funding