Open Forum Presentation 2019 ASM

Applications are now open to submit a research proposal for presentation and discussion at the Fifth ANZMUSC Annual Scientific Meeting on May 28th – 29th 2019 at the Kerry Packer Education Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, NSW.

Key roles of the ANZMUSC Clinical Trial Network are to facilitate the conduct of large high quality multicentre trials answering clinically important questions in the area of musculoskeletal health and endorsement of such trials. The purpose of the presentation is to review research protocols and proposals according to the review criteria specified by ANZMUSC. Proposals of trials at all stages of development are eligible to be discussed during the open-forum sessions (from fully prepared NHMRC grant applications through to trial ideas). The open forum is intended to seek input about the research question, design, methodology, feasibility, recruitment improvements etc. It can also be used to invite additional investigators.

We now invite submission of clinical trial proposals for discussion at an open-forum session during the 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting.

We will consider:

  • Trials that have already received NHMRC or other funding but have not yet commenced
  • Trials that have been unsuccessful in attracting funding
  • Trials that are not yet fully developed
  • Ideas for trials
  • Trials applying for grants in May 2019 prior to the ASM may apply for ANZMUSC early endorsement on the condition that they present at the May 2019 conference.

We will try to accommodate all submitted proposals. Notification of timing and format of presentation will be advised early April.

Please be advised that applications received after this date may not be able to be accommodated in the timetable. All proposals are considered confidential.

N.B. All presenters must register to attend the 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting. Presenters that fail to register for the meeting will be ineligible to present and their position in the timetable will be allocated to another research proposal.


  1. Complete the required information in the Open Forum Presentation Application form below.
  2. Attach a complete study protocol (protocol should include background, methods and impact of the research findings on policy and practice) or if the project is at an early development stage, submit as much information as possible.
  3. Attach a summary of the study in lay language and two or three specific questions addressed to the Consumer Advisory Group, on topics related to consumer/participant involvement in the study
  4. Submit this completed form by Monday April 1st, 5pm AEDT

Open-Forum Proposal Presentation Application

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  • please enter the name of the Chief investigator
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  • please list the MSK condition(s) to be investigated in this trial
  • please list the aim(s) of the trial
  • please describe the trial design in brief
    Please indicate whether or not you intend to present a proposal being submitted for a grant application closing before the ASM (e.g. NHMRC Clinical Trial grant) for potential early endorsement
    please indicate which day you prefer to present your proposal
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