ANZMUSC endorses clinical trial proposals that have been presented at the open forum sessions held during the ANZMUSC Annual Scientific meetings. Endorsement ensures a process of ensuring high quality trial design and conduct but also confers a degree of ‘ownership’ to ANZMUSC members. Trial endorsement is conducted by the ANZMUSC Scientific Advisory Committee and the Consumer Advisory Group, subject to final approval by the Executive Committee. Trial proposals need to fulfil the ANZMUSC endorsement criteria in order to be considered for endorsement.

ANZMUSC Endorsement criteria:

Only clinical trials in the field of musculoskeletal health will be considered.

1. Must satisfy an ANZMUSC research priority (reflecting important disease burden and an important evidence or evidence-practice gap)
2. Must present evidence confirming that the research question is one that the clinical and/or consumer community want answered.
3. Must be of high quality (e.g. minimising risk of bias, ensuring appropriate power) and include an economic evaluation and process measures where relevant
4. Must be feasible (reflecting cost, logistics, track record and likely recruitment rate)
5. Must show strong potential to change practice and/or policy (reflecting academic impact, implementation, and generalisability)
6. Must be multicentre (to encourage collaboration, increase power and increase implementation of findings)
7.  Chief investigator must be a registered full member of the ANZMUSC Clinical Trials Group.

A list of ANZMUSC endorsed clinical trial proposals can be found here.