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Optimising musculoskeletal health through high quality, collaborative clinical research​

What is ANZMUSC?

ANZMUSC is a network formed across Australia and New Zealand for people with an interest in investigator-initiated clinical trials for musculoskeletal conditions.

ANZMUSC is uniquely positioned by bringing together clinicians, consumer groups and representatives, policy makers, professional associations and funders.

How does ANZMUSC advance musculoskeletal research?

A major benefit of the network is that we provide opportunities for interest groups to connect across countries and disciplines especially through biannual Scientific Meetings, thereby forming a strong and collaborative knowledge-base to achieve our mission.

ANZMUSC also offers resources for conducting clinical trials, trial endorsement, and financial support through a Seed Funding Research Scheme.

Why is this important?

Arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions have a large individual and societal impact. As such, there is great need for increased research capacity, funding, and focus on prioritising areas with the greatest knowledge gaps.

ANZMUSC is continuing to form a dynamic and evolving list of priority research questions.

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