A to Z of Grant Writing: 2022 Seminar Series

Over the last 12 months the ANZMUSC ECF Committee has organised three great 1-hour sessions aimed at addressing key aspects of the grant development process.


  • May 4th (4:00pm AEST, 2:00pm AWST, 6:00pm NZST)
    Idea and Team Development

    We delved into the intricacies of developing an idea and building the right team for a grant application. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from some amazing EMCRs (Assoc. Prof. Christopher Williams, Dr. Joshua Zadro, Dr. Christina Abdel Shaheed, and Prof. Manuela Ferreira) about their grants journeys, including both successes and failures. Thanks to our Chair Prof. James McAuley and attendees for your participation.

  • June 29th (4:00pm AEST, 2:00pm AWST, 6:00pm NZST)
    Planning your trial
    We heard about key aspects of planning a trial for the purposes of a major grant application. The discussion included how much pilot data is needed, how to identify strategic collaborations with key stakeholders (eg AIs for patient recruitment, etc), differences between efficacy vs effectiveness trials and implementation trials vs effectiveness, and what’s involved in building from smaller grants towards bigger ones. We were joined by Prof. Christine Lin (University of Sydney), Prof. Simon French (Macquarie University), & A/Prof. Ben Darlow (University of Otago).