Dr. Giovanni Ferreira (Co-Chair)

Dr. Stephanie Filbay (Co-Chair)

Dr Filbay is a physiotherapist, NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow and Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne, and an Honorary Senior Research Associate at the University of Oxford. Dr Filbay’s research expertise includes evaluating and optimising outcomes after ACL injury, developing strategies to improve outcomes for people with knee osteoarthritis, and evaluating the long-term musculoskeletal and psychological impacts of sports participation. She has presented keynotes at national and international conferences, serves on committees for international organisations, supervises individuals at various career stages and received numerous awards, scholarships, and grants for her research. She was recently awarded an NHMRC Investigator Grant to fund five years of research aimed at improving outcomes for people with ACL injury and post-traumatic knee osteoarthritis. Follow her research updates on Twitter: @stephfilbay

Dr. Andrea Bruder

Dr Bruder is a physiotherapist, lecturer in physiotherapy at La Trobe University and research fellow at the La Trobe University Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre. She completed her PhD in 2018 investigating the role of exercise in distal radius fracture rehabilitation. Andrea’s current research focuses on understanding the mechanisms underpinning the early onset of osteoarthritis in young adults and developing preventative treatments to prevent knee injury and reduce its significant individual and societal burden. She embeds her expertise in end-user engagement, qualitative research methods and process evaluation to ensure research translation and impact. Follow Andrea’s research updates on Twitter: @AndreaBruder

Dr. Aidan Cashin

Dr Aidan Cashin is an accredited exercise physiologist, NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow and Associate Lecturer at the University of New South Wales and Neuroscience Research Australia. His research focuses on investigating the mechanisms of healthcare interventions for optimisation and translation into clinical practice and health policy. Most of his work is applied to the management of chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Dr Cashin also conducts methodological work that aims to improve research transparency and openness.

Mr. Simon Davidson

Simon Davidson is a husband, father and runner. In his spare time, he is also a Physiotherapist, PhD Candidate and Project Officer with Hunter New England Local Health District Population Health and the University of Newcastle. He has extensive experience in orthopaedics and trauma within the hospital setting. Simon has a particular interest in optimising the public health system to better manage musculoskeletal conditions, and is currently exploring these issues as part of his PhD.

Dr. Sean Docking

Dr Sean Docking is a research fellow at the Monash-Cabrini Department of Musculoskeletal Health and Clinical Epidemiology at Cabrini Health. Sean has a particular interest in the utility and value of diagnostic imaging in musculoskeletal conditions. Sean's previous research has focusing on the clinical utility of ultrasound for lower limb tendinopathy. He has nearly completed a Masters of Health Economics and recently completed a summer scholarship with the Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association on the policy perspective of diagnostic errors related to medical imaging.

Ms. Caitlin Jones

Caitlin Jones is an occupational therapist and PhD candidate. Her clinical expertise includes acute medical, surgical and rehabilitation occupational therapy. Caitlin is undertaking her PhD at the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health at the University of Sydney. Caitlin’s research focuses on evaluating the efficacy and safety of treatments for acute musculoskeletal pain, including the use of opioids.

Dr. Hopin Lee

Dr. Stephanie Mathieson

Dr Stephanie Mathieson is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, The University of Sydney. Her National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Health Professional Research Early Career Fellowship is focused on reducing the opioid epidemic in Australia. She was awarded her PhD in 2017. Her thesis investigated issues in the management of spinal pain, including a randomised trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine that evaluated the efficacy and safety of pregabalin versus placebo in reducing leg pain intensity in patients with sciatica. She serves on several committees, has presented at numerous national and international conferences, and supervises Higher Degree Research students. Follow her research updates on Twitter: @DrSMathieson.

Ms. Edel O'Hagan

Edel is an early career researcher within the Centre for Pain IMPACT, Neuroscience Research Australia. Edel’s research investigates how health information is received by consumers. Her current projects investigate what health information should we provide and to whom? And how to leverage social media or artificial intelligence technology to enhance the delivery of that information to improve health outcomes. Edel’s has experience in various research methods, including systematic reviews, randomised clinical trials, prediction studies, clinimetric evaluation, and qualitative research. In addition, she contributed to publications published in leading journals including PAIN, The Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. She has disseminated her work at national and international conferences. Edel compliments her research role with a clinical role at the Prince of Wales hospital pain management service, where she is involved in evaluating the effectiveness of the pain management programs run by the allied health pain management team. Follow her research updates on Twitter: @EdelOH

Dr. Brooke Patterson

Dr Patterson is a physiotherapist and post-doctoral research fellow at the La Trobe University Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre. After working in a variety of public, private, and sports settings, she completed her PhD in 2020 at the La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre. Her PhD research investigated the risk of arthritis at a young age after anterior cruciate ligament injury, and how physiotherapist-led interventions can help improve outcomes beyond the typical rehabilitation period. Brooke has sustained an ACL injury herself and played in the first three seasons of the AFLW. Currently, she is coordinating an injury prevention clinical trial in women’s community Australian football. Follow her research updates on Twitter: @Knee_Howells

Ms. Tash Pocovi

Tash Pocovi is a physiotherapist, PhD candidate, research assistant and casual tutor at Macquarie University. Her research interests are in the improvement of care delivery within the physiotherapy profession and also the prevention of musculoskeletal pain. The main trial of her PhD is the ANZMUSC-endorsed WalkBack trial, which is examining the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a physiotherapist-prescribed walking and education program for the prevention of low back pain recurrences.

Dr. Joshua Zadro

Dr Joshua Zadro is a Physiotherapist and NHMRC Emerging Leader Fellow (EL1). He completed his PhD in 2017 with a focus on exercise-based self-management strategies for people with chronic back pain. His current research focuses on improving access to musculoskeletal healthcare using eHealth and reducing use of low-value care for back pain, shoulder pain, and knee osteoarthritis. In just over 6 years being research active, he has published 62 journal articles, made over 50 conference presentations across leading national and international conferences in his field, and secured over $1M in research funding.