Join ANZMUSC and contribute to the future.

Membership is available to individuals (clinical trial researchers and non-clinical trial researchers), professional organisations, consumers and consumer organisations, health insurers, and policy makers that meet the relevant membership criteria.

Benefits of joining ANZMUSC

ANZMUSC is uniquely positioned by bringing together clinicians, consumer groups and representatives, policy makers, and professional associations.
Participate, develop and or conduct world-class multi-centre investigator-initiated musculoskeletal clinical trials and other clinical research with the support of the ANZMUSC Clinical Trial Group.
Active role
Have an active role in ensuring an effective collective voice for those suffering musculoskeletal disorders, and for the Australian and New Zealand clinicians and researchers working to optimise musculoskeletal health.
Shape healthcare
Help to shape healthcare and research policy that directly impacts musculoskeletal research.
Active promotion
Active promotion of the activities and achievements of you/your research group through ANZMUSC publications, member profiles on the ANZMUSC website and news listings on major publications and trial results.
Nominate colleagues from within your field to contribute to ANZMUSC Roundtables/Working Groups/Standing Committees to provide further opportunity to ensure that issues impacting your field of research are communicated effectively to governments and key stakeholders.
Well represented
A ‘seat at the table’ to ensure that your area of musculoskeletal interest is well represented providing the opportunity to influence and help drive ANZMUSC’s advocacy for the sector.

Free Membership

ANZMUSC Clinical Trial Network Membership is currently free. ANZMUSC reserves the right to charge membership fees for full members in the future. Associate members will be free of charge.

Apply Online

Membership is subject to applicants meeting all of the relevant membership criteria (to be assessed by the Executive Committee).

Member details will be entered into a members’ database to assist members to identify potential collaborators or expertise and allow contact to be made. This database will be secure and accessible only to members. The database will be regulated by a person nominated by the ANZMUSC Executive and will be audited at least once per year to maintain security and current information.

All members will be added to the ANZMUSC mailing list for periodic updates. This is a closed email list with access restricted from the general public and commercial entities. The list is regulated by a person nominated by the ANZMUSC Executive and is audited at least once per year to maintain security.

You may withdraw your membership or change your database status/details at any time by logging in and completing the ‘update details’ form or by contacting

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