Open Forum Presentation Application

Don’t miss this opportunity to workshop your clinical trial idea or proposal at the 2020 ANZMUSC Annual Scientific Meeting (February 11th and 12th 2020), at the University of Otago, Wellington Conference Centre, New Zealand. We’re looking for trial ideas through to fully worked up proposals in any of the four formats:

  1. Reports of completed ANZMUSC trials
  2. Presentations of early ideas for trials (e.g. got an idea and looking to get a team of MSK collaborators together)
  3. More developed ideas (e.g. got an idea that could use some input from the broader ANZMUSC group)
  4. Trials with well-developed protocols that are seeking ANZMUSC endorsement (e.g. got some specific questions you want to use ANZMUSC to answer)


Presentation at this meeting gives you the opportunity to workshop your idea with the collective input of ANZMUSC and is needed to seek ANZMUSC endorsement. Endorsement means any funding applications can use the ANZMUSC brand to indicate the study is of high scientific merit.

Applications close 27th January 2020, 5pm AEDT. Specific times will be allocated after this date.

To submit your trial for presentation, please complete the form below and indicate your session preference. For any queries please feel free to contact us.

Open-Forum Proposal Presentation Application

  • please enter the title of your trial
  • please enter the name of the Chief investigator
  • please enter the email address of the Chief investigator
  • NameInstituteDepartment 
  • please list the MSK condition(s) to be investigated in this trial
  • please list the aim(s) of the trial
  • please describe the trial design in brief
    please indicate which day you prefer to present your proposal
  • please upload your protocol here if you have one
  • Please upload a summary of your trial

Please note, as part of a streamlining process, trials will not receive written feedback prior to the meeting. The focus of the meeting will be to enable collegial discussion and sharing of ideas. Projects later wishing to apply for endorsement will go through a formal review as part of the endorsement application. Details of the endorsement process including the endorsement criteria is available here.