Publication Policy


The ANZMUSC Publication Policy has been adapted from other established network groups. This policy has been developed in alignment with the endorsement principles of ANZMUSC. The purpose of endorsement by ANZMUSC is to indicate that the research question is important, the study design and methodology is of the highest scientific quality, and the results are likely to make a significant impact on practice and/or policy. Endorsement from ANZMUSC therefore comes with a set of requirements to protect the ANZMUSC brand.



  • All manuscripts or theses reporting results obtained from ANZMUSC-endorsed studies including manuscripts that describe aspects of the conduct (e.g. protocols or statistical analysis plans) or secondary discussion papers of an ANZMUSC endorsed study must be submitted for review and approved by the ANZMUSC Executive prior to submission to a journal for publication. This review may be undertaken by the Chair or Chair-delegate who will decide based on correct acknowledgement of ANZMUSC endorsement.
  • All manuscripts must acknowledge endorsement by ANZMUSC by including wording along the lines of: The trial has been endorsed by the ANZMUSC Clinical Trial Network indicating its high priority and quality, importance to consumers/patients, clinicians and policy makers, and its potential to improve patient outcomes.
  • Notify ANZMUSC when the study has been accepted for publication, or if the manuscript is not to be published. All ANZMUSC-endorsed study publications will be listed on the ANZMUSC website.



ANZMUSC Publication Policy
Version 3: August 2020
Approved: 20/08/2020